eh, i dont know

so i dont really know what im here to write about. nothing comes to mind and honestly knowing that i am going to post this online for anyone to read even though its anonymous im still freaking myself out which is weird because its stupid but anyway idk shit. i geuss thats what this post is about i just dont really know what im doing here on this planet i mean whats the point honestly wow just writing this im getting depressed shit. you know if i could have any job in the world it would be like cheech and chong just smoke weed all day and get paid for it i know they did a comedy bit i dont know much about it but i know that getting high and chilling is my ideal career but that really doesnt pay so maybe once its legalized ill see if i can get the rights to open up a dispensary that would be awesome because i would make bank i mean seriously if you look at colorado they made millions in tax revenue in the first week and thats just the tax money i mean i dont know the tax percent on recreation weed in colorado but i know that the stores make a shit load of money. but thats cool and a topic for a different post because i have much to say on that topic. along with religion politics and such.  well im gonna go im tired so goodnight fuckers.


first post

so the first post on my new blog this is the second time i’ve tried to do this the first i just kinda gave up decided it wasn’t worth it this time i think it might be different idk why but i get that feeling ya know, probably helps that im extremely tired and a but drunk as i write this which is how most of my posts will be written and as a result of that i could give a flying fuck about proper punctuality and grammar spelling ill still try with but not much and if you are obsessed with grammar im sorry but thats just how i am and since im writing it u can just go fuck yourself about the grammar at least i mean you could be mother Teresa for all i know but regardless i dont really see why a perfect stranger should send another perfect stranger criticism for improper grammar when im not getting paid to write well im just doing this because i want to.  so anyway i sopose i should probably write something more interesting than that but i will make you wait till ido it next time i write because im fucking tired and i dont owe any of u fuckers shit.