Finishing what i started

So last night i wrote a post about jobs and how shitty mine was, well the inspiration to finish my post just came to me. After telling us that we would be paid on time my shitbag of a boss yet again neglected to pay us until he got paid like the peice of shit that he is so i just kind of quit working, this pissed him off,  so he told me that i didn’t have to be there if i didn’t want to so i said ok. I told him i was tired of having to beg to get paid the money i earned doing work for him he replied by saying fine ill pay u what i owe you then i don’t want you here anymore i said fantastic and that was the end of it. For those reading, if there are any, this wasn’t the first time this has happened he has lied to me about getting paid and what he is paying me not to mention lying about everything else he does. This has been a long time coming. So in the future kids when u work for a contractor make sure you are on the payroll and get a pay stub every time you get paid. Don’t let people in a higher position than you abuse you and cheat you because they think you won’t do anything about say something threaten to quit or join a union because thats why unions exist is to protect employees from their employer.



so… im just going to start typing because fuck it, my job right now is shit not because of the work but because my boss is a peice of shit. ive worked for him for about three months and ive worked maybe two full 40 hour weeks and gotten paid for less. so why am i still there you ask? well call it some kind of fucked up sense of loyalty but not to my boss to my friend who got me the job and its so shitty that i dont want to leave him there by himself. even though everyone i know is telling me to get out of there including myself its a bad place to be every day i go there i can feel myself getting screwed over like a two doller hooker from thailand. so i have other job offers and i could go back to my last job but i dont really want to do that not because i left on bad terms but because it just feels like a step backwards. i have other jobs on the line i just dont have time to go and apply plus the one job i just have to wait for a call and that could take up to like six months…. so i dont feel like this post is finished so im just going to end it here and update it in a couple days or weeks whenever inspiration strikes..