Women and relationships and stuff.

Women are incredibly hard to understand and even harder to talk to. I mean i think that every once in a while i might understand them and think that maybe what i thi k about this girl is right that maybe she does like me and maybe im saying the right thing hey maybe this is going well. But then it never goes well i always end up screwing it up. Tinder never works either, 90% of tinder is bots and 8% is somen im not interested in amd the last 2 % is women who dont like my profile and are out of my league. I geuss what im trying to say is that i just wish things didnt have to be so complicated why cant men and women decide to have a system say the women thinks the man is cute tells him in some way that she wouldnt mind talking to him and they go from there and if not just fucking say so instead of me seeming like an ass for misinterpretation  of these signals your giving off its bot my fault. I just end up feeling like a creep all the time because i want to have a conversation with you. But as far as she is concerned im just a creepy fat guy who wont leave her along i mean what the fuck i dont wamt to be the creepy fat guy i just want to be happy same as everyone else.


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