So a few weeks ago i made a post about being afraid to fall asleep because i didnt want to have another dream about a girl. 

Well i had another one last night, only this one is a little bit different when i met the girl she rejected me and i saw myself in the third person but as two seperate people a lighter me with a light in the center who was significantly smaller than the other who was darker and had a coal black center. i dont really rememeber what happened next but i felt a flowing happiness  and the two mes became one and i grabbed the girl and her mood changed i couldnt hear anything but i could feel it in my.. soul i suppose, and then i was running and i felt complete and happy for the first time in a long time i cant begin to descrube the pure hljoy that was so powerful when i woke up i was still happy and it wasnt until a few hours later that i started to feel depressed again.

So i dont really know what im saying other than im not really afraid of those kind of dreams anymore but if i were to have more like the one i just had i would be very much ok with it.


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