the beatles and such

the beatles are not one of the best bands they are THE best band. thanks to my dad i grew up listening to them they were the only thing that played in my house was the beatles, country music or show tunes the latter two thanks to my mother whom i love dearly but country music is terrible every song is either a man or woman whining about a man or woman that they love but cant be with anymore, i hate it i mean shut the fuck up about it already the last fifty years of artists sang about the same thing you just did and you have the audacity to say that your song is original. any way i dont like country music but i do absolutely love the beatles their album 1 has been played more times in this house than any other albume this family has ever owned along with abbey road and Help! i didnt really discover their darker grittier stuff until i got older and being the youngest i was the last one to discover this and i am so glad i did, i am currently listening to the white album and falling in love with it all over again and this means that once again i will begin to listen to their entire collection again tomorow.

Anyway i dont know i just really like the beatles to meet paul mcartney would be dream i would like to meet ringo as well saying it like that makes it sound like ringo is less than paul but he isnt its just that paul is more in the media than anything else when i t comes to the beatles and ringo is just kind of hey guys im here im gonna play the drums dont mind me.



the beatles are hands down my favorite artists of all time and i am listening to them as i type this. also its about the journey not the destination.


writing is hard you never know what to write about and when you do write about something its usually garbage at least it is to you the writer so at somepoint its usually too depressing to go on. its just like the holidays everyone comes home and you get to see how much better they are doing than you are how much further along their careers are and what is up with you still living at home what the fuck are you doing with y0ur life. changing the subject here really quick  for some reason i am much more attracted to brown hair and brown eyed girls than blondes i find them to be generally more intelligent and to posess much more fire something to challenge myself against with my wit and charm what little of it there is but she is someone who can not only take it but dish it out as well. that just appeals to who i am as a person.